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Your home to the best Gags, Pranks, and Novelties ALL AT WHOLESALE!


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Electronics Misc. :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
CR672 Cell Phone Phoney - 6 Common Ringtones! - KeyChain
The next time you're in an elevator, at a crowded restaurant, in a business meeting, at the bus stop, or just anywhere there's a group of people, play one of the six sounds on Cell Phoney and watch everyone reach for their phone. It will drive them bonkers. Great novelty gag
1.95 each ( clearance )
300 Fart Machine - The New and Improved # 2 - wireless remote
Fart Fart Fart! The Remote Controlled Electronic New Fart Machine 2 . The ultimate practical novelty joke tool. Works from up to 100 feet away and through walls! New & Improved 15 Realistic Sounds so real!!! Fart Machines sell amazing everywhere! Great gag novelty toy gift wholesale
*10.95 each
FRT58A Fart Game Ball "pass the gas" musical pooter machine - gag prank
Simply pass the soft plush butt ball from player to player and when the music stops the butt will fart. Plays a funny musical rhyme that goes faster and faster as players pass the plush "butt" around. When the song stops, the gas sounds blast and the loser hears "You Farted!"
*22.95 each
6327372 Mini Pocket Disgusting Sound Key Chain Machine - 6 Gross Sounds
Pocket-Disgusting Sounds Machine" Key Chain in your pocket and gross out friends and strangers - with the simple touch of a button. Great for those awkwardly quiet elevators rides, or while sitting in a rest room stall. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination with this keychain.
*6.95 each
Shock laser pointers. Works a also as a REAL WORKING laser pointer to! What a great novelty toy keychain at wholesale.
*1.50 each
sho51267 Shocking Shock Gun Pistol w/ flashlight - prank gag joke
It's a real working flashlight and shock gun all in one. This is one hell of a joke to do on someone. You can trick people all day long with this prank gag.
*3.75 each
WTF1527 WTF What the Fu%k Red Slam Button
Battery operated "WTF Red Slammer Button. Nothing in life is EASY, so your customers will love our new WTF Button. Smack the button, and 1 of 10 hilarious zingers are played loud and clear. Great novelty prank gag gift
13.95 each

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