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Item # Description

SWC516. Push Button Pocket Comb Fake Switch Blade Folding Knife Knives

Made of stainless steel and plastic. The combs where made famous by "the greasers" of the 1950's and 60's. Measures 9" inches when opened, when closed measures 5" inches. The "comb blade" stays concealed in the handle of this intimidating switchblade. Slide down the safety lock and press the button and the blade quickly ejects revealing the harmless yet functional comb. Your hair will always look great when you have the switchblade comb in your pocket!

Next time your hanging out with your buddies just whip it out, press the button and then comb your hair! Truly hilarious! Remember this is a novelty and it just for smiles and laughs! (not recommended ages 3 and below)

Each comes brand new / with retail box!

1 to 7   $2.50 each
8 to 11   $2.35 each
12 to 23   $2.25 each
24 to 47   $2.20 each
48 to 143   $2.15 each
144 to 287   $2.00 each
288 to 575   $1.95 each
576 or more   $1.85 each

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