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Your home to the best Gags, Pranks, and Novelties ALL AT WHOLESALE!


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Electronics Misc. :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
CR672 Cell Phone Phoney - 6 Common Ringtones! - KeyChain
The next time you're in an elevator, at a crowded restaurant, in a business meeting, at the bus stop, or just anywhere there's a group of people, play one of the six sounds on Cell Phoney and watch everyone reach for their phone. It will drive them bonkers. Great novelty gag
1.95 each ( clearance )
10003 Cell phone/ Cordless phone /Pager Antenna Booster - Generation X
Generation X Attenna cell phone atenna boosters at wholesale. These are the NEW & IMPROVED ones! Each retail for $19.99. Each factory sealed! These are being cleared out at a fraction of our cost. Our loss is your gain. These are great for gifts or promos for your business.
* 0.19 each ( clearance )
fa10097 Fanny Bank Funny Farting Coin Drop Bank Great Gift/Gag
Stop leaving those coins on the dresser, in some old water jug tucked away in a closet, or in your car's ashtray. With our hilarious fart Fanny Bank, saving your pennies will be a real gas! It's so loud and so disgusting, you won't want to stop dropping coins in the crack!
* 12.95 each
300 Fart Machine - The New and Improved # 2 - wireless remote
Fart Fart Fart! The Remote Controlled Electronic New Fart Machine 2 . The ultimate practical novelty joke tool. Works from up to 100 feet away and through walls! New & Improved 15 Realistic Sounds so real!!! Fart Machines sell amazing everywhere! Great gag novelty toy gift wholesale
* 10.95 each
6327372 Mini Pocket Disgusting Sound Key Chain Machine - 6 Gross Sounds
Pocket-Disgusting Sounds Machine" Key Chain in your pocket and gross out friends and strangers - with the simple touch of a button. Great for those awkwardly quiet elevators rides, or while sitting in a rest room stall. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination with this keychain.
* 6.95 each
Shock laser pointers. Works a also as a REAL WORKING laser pointer to! What a great novelty toy keychain at wholesale.
* 1.50 each
PAR4VE Red Cup Solo Party String of Lights - Battery Operated
Box set of 12 mini red cup plastic party lights. 12 foot string of lights~! No electricity required as these take AAA batteries, so now you can bring the party where ever you go!
* 12.95 each
sho51267 Shocking Shock Gun Pistol w/ flashlight - prank gag joke
It's a real working flashlight and shock gun all in one. This is one hell of a joke to do on someone. You can trick people all day long with this prank gag.
* 3.75 each
sc464 Toilet Screamer - Bathroom Gag Gift Scare Joke Potty Fun
Surprise your family, friends, and coworkers with the Toilet Screamer! This little device turns an ordinary trip to the bathroom into one they'll never forget. When they lift up the lid to the toilet, it lets out a frightening scream!
* 8.95 each
wea123 Weazel Ball Motorized Appears Alive Cat Dog Toy Weasel
This fun weasel and ball partnership will bring hours of furry fun for any age. The crazy, mad weasel jumps, rolls, scoots and darts from one side of the room to the other, and won't leave the ball alone. A GREAT dog or cat novelty toy at wholesale price
* 6.95 each
WTF1527 WTF What the Fu%k Red Slam Button
Battery operated "WTF Red Slammer Button. Nothing in life is EASY, so your customers will love our new WTF Button. Smack the button, and 1 of 10 hilarious zingers are played loud and clear. Great novelty prank gag gift
* 9.95 each

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