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Your home to the best Gags, Pranks, and Novelties ALL AT WHOLESALE!


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Flashing / Glow :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
700 Awesome Bright Flashlight Keychains -- by the dozen
These plastic flashlight keychains will come factory sealed. Assorted colors ( green, yellow, purple, pink, and blue ) Perfect for getting in your home or car door at night. Big profits can be made here! Great novelty gift item. These are sold by the dozen. Great gadget.
* 4.75 per dozen
709 Flashing Pacifier Necklace -- Top Novelty Seller!
Each pacifier is individually packaged case carded for easy resale. 3 LED's per pacifier, multiple colors for a really bright flashing strobe effect (red, green and blue) Great for clubs,block parties,etc. A truly great novelty.
* 1.99 each
600 LED Mouth lights - Great for kids to adults, rave part lights
Just put one of these in your mouth and watch them all stair! Super bright led lights. Many colors will shoot out of your mouth. Great for parties,clubs,etc.
* 1.95 each
Shock laser pointers. Works a also as a REAL WORKING laser pointer to! What a great novelty toy keychain at wholesale.
* 1.50 each
PAR4VE Red Cup Solo Party String of Lights - Battery Operated
Box set of 12 mini red cup plastic party lights. 12 foot string of lights~! No electricity required as these take AAA batteries, so now you can bring the party where ever you go!
* 12.95 each
sho51267 Shocking Shock Gun Pistol w/ flashlight - prank gag joke
It's a real working flashlight and shock gun all in one. This is one hell of a joke to do on someone. You can trick people all day long with this prank gag.
* 3.75 each
2011 Spooky Glow in the Dark Sticky Eyes! Halloween & Gothic looking!
That's right they glow in the dark!!! These eyes measure 1 INCH in size each!! I would say that they are same size as your own eyeball! When you hold the sticky eyes in your hand, they feel like what you would think a real eyeball would feel like!!! A great Novelty prank gag gift item.
* 2.75 per dozen

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