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Your home to the best Gags, Pranks, and Novelties ALL AT WHOLESALE!


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Novelty Toilet Paper :

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  Item # Description Price Unit
Having guests over? Then show off your new hilarious toilet paper roll. It is toooo funny when someone comes over to use your bathroom! This is a classic gag prank joke novelty gift at silly low wholesale cost.
* 4.95 each
B9856C Boston Sucks Toilet Paper Roll - Yankees Red Sox Fans Gag
Having guests over? Why not show them all just how much you hate those Boston Red Sox! THIS IS PERFECT for you hardcore Yankee fans! Depending on the baseball fan in your house they will either "love" or "hate" using your bathroom! Show them all just how much you love your New York Yankees!
* 6.95 each
mo13043 Gag Funny Novelty Toilet Paper: $100 Money Toilet Paper
When you know your ass is worth more than just any old toilet paper. This toilet paper has giant $100 Bills printed across two squares of toilet paper. And you know you can afford to use two squares of toilet paper when you wipe, because you're worth it.
* 5.95 each
Hap654 Happy Birthday Toilet Paper Roll
A great way to show that someone special how much ya care, even if it means the party is in the bathroom! Great party decoration. A fun way to get the "WoW" factor. A great novelty gag prank joke funny item.
* 5.95 each
YA369 New York Sucks Toilet Paper Roll - Red Sox Mets Yankees Fans gag
Having guests over? Why not show them all just how much you hate those New York Yankees! THIS IS PERFECT for you hardcore Mets & Boston Red Sox fans! Depending on the baseball fan in your house they will either "love" or "hate" using your bathroom!
* 6.95 each
FA5272 Prank Fake Pregnancy Test + Tests POSITIVE! + Joke
It's the home pregnancy test that is always positive! Ladies, now you can find out if you've found Mr. Right with this hilarious prank! HOT NOVELTY GAG TOY JOKE~!
* 7.95 each
ba343 President Barack Obama - bathroom toilet paper roll
He wiped up the Presidential election and now you can use him to wipe up your historical messes! Love him? Hate him? Either way... you'll love this Barack Obama Funny Toilet Paper Bathroom Roll. Funny novelty gag prank political gift joke sold at wholesale
* 5.95 each
77YT43A Sweet Cheeks - Bleacher Tooshie Cushy Seat Cushion
Sweet Cheeks Tooshie Cushy Stadium/Bleacher Seat. Made of foam and is made to look like a butt that is wearing a red G-String/Thong with a tramp stamp tattoo of tribal art. This is a perfect gift to give someone who loves to watch outdoor sporting events in comfort with a awesome sense of humor.
* 19.95 each
FL67H4 The Gigantic Pool Floater - Poop Turd Crap w/ corn - GROSS!
NOW THIS IS A TURD! It even has some nice detail of some corn on the outside of the turd as well! So YES, this baby looks real and it's HUGE size will be sure to grabs someone's attention. Great to use in Pools, Hot Tubs, Shower floors, Bath Tubs, on any floor, or in the yard!
* 8.99 each
TK531 The Man Hole Toilet Bowl Cover - Bathroom Sewer - man cave prank
The Manhole Toilet Cover sits on the top of the toilet seat cover and makes it look like the manhole cover you would see on the street. Made of a quality rubber and has suction cups on the bottom to stay secure. Easy to take on and off when needed.
* 12.95 each
sc464 Toilet Screamer - Bathroom Gag Gift Scare Joke Potty Fun
Surprise your family, friends, and coworkers with the Toilet Screamer! This little device turns an ordinary trip to the bathroom into one they'll never forget. When they lift up the lid to the toilet, it lets out a frightening scream!
* 8.95 each
TU6X43 Toilet Shot Glasses Pair of 2, Ceramic Toilet Bowl Shooter
Set of 2 TOTAL Toilet Bowl shot glasses. Getting a rim shot has a whole new meaning! These two, unusual shot glasses are party pleases and will make you king of the throne
* 9.95 each
T021 TOXIC WASTE BIOHAZARD Toilet paper roll - funny joke gag prank
Having guests over?Why not warn them about your toxic bathroom habits with this caution toxic biohazard warning toilet paper.That way, you can still have your guests over, but don't have to clean your bathroom before your guests arrive.Funny when someone comes over to use your bathroom!
* 4.95 each

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