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Your home to the best Gags, Pranks, and Novelties ALL AT WHOLESALE!


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Novelty Inflatables :

(*) in price column means Quantity Discounts Available!
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  Item # Description Price Unit
SH120 "THIS BEACH BITES" Shark Attack Pool Beach Raft Float
It looks like JAWS was in the water again. This 6 foot tall inflatable surf board shaped pool float, has a huge mite mark chunk missing. Your friends will be very jealous of you when you show up at the pool or beach with this! Great gag prank joke novelty gift item
* 18.95 each
BE6281 12' Foot (144") Inflatable Mega Giant Beach Ball - HUGE
Want to be cool at the beach or next pool party? Then you need this mother of all beach balls! This giant behemoth beach ball measures 12 feet when deflated. Blow it up with a air compressor and it measures a full 10 FEET TALL ( 120 inches! ) The fun possibilities are endless!
* 119.95 each
YY6548 6 foot Gigantic Ice-Cream Sandwich Inflatable Pool Float Raft
If you are like me nothing makes me smile more than a ice cream sandwich on a hot summer day but, now you can keep cool with a smile all summer long with this amazing 6ft long Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float! Makes a great gift
* 34.95 each
BLU23 Gingerham Blue pattern - Inflatabuffet Inflatable Party Buffet
Inflatable "blue and white" cooler picnic style buffet. Have a complete salad bar ready in no time! With the inflatable salad bar, you can keep all your favorite summer-time foods nice and cool any time and any place.
* 16.95 each
BOOBS123 HUGE BOOBIES BOOBS - Adult Pool Beach Party Raft Float
OK it's a hot summer day and you just want to rest on something comfortable. Well this huge 4 1/2 foot pool boob float may be just for you dudes! This unique float is a great pool toy that?s as much fun to show off as to use. Great novelty gag prank gift.
* 18.95 each
Q8322 HUGE Coin Inflatable Quarter - so cool!
Inflation got you down? Don't worry, we've got the inflation that will make you smile! This huge 12" inch inflatable quarter is so realistic looking, you'd think it was an actual quarter...only waaay bigger. These are really GREAT for company promos!
* 1.95 each ( clearance )
S3411 Huge Gigantic 6 Ft Tall - Inflatable Soccer Beach Ball
Huge 6 Foot tall Soccer sports ball when fully inflated, made from extra durable 30mm vinyl, our gigantic soccer ball will provide hours of fun. This is a great fun beach pool party novelty float.
* 79.95 each
k6543 Inflatable Buffet & Salad Bar Ice Party Food Cooler
Inflatable salad bar - fill with ice, keep food chilled for hours and serve large crowds indoors or out! The size, light weight and portability make this a no-brainer for parties, tailgating, picnics, camping, and more.
* 16.95 each
MO8282 Jumbo Inflatable $100 Money Cash Bill
Short on your rent money again? Well, you can TRY to stick one of these giant inflatable $100 bills into the mix, but we are sure your landlord won't be fooled. Hang it in your office, your bedroom, or give it as a gift to your needy family members. These are really GREAT for company promos!
* 1.95 each ( clearance )
br9272 Jumbo Inflatable Middle Finger Hand (Brown) - Sports Fans!
Giant Inflatable Middle Finger. These are great for Baseball, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Concerts, or any other sporting events. Great novelty gag item at wholesale price.
* 2.95 each ( clearance )
PO7272 Pool Pong Raft - Beer Pingpong on Water 5'x3' - AWESOME!
Planning a pool party and want to include a game of beer pong as well? This great inflatable beer pong table will be the perfect thing! Pool Party Pong is set up to hold all of your beer cups.
* 30.95 each
SH562 SHARK HEAD Inflatable jaws head - Fishing gag for the wall!
Inflatable Animal Heads make excellent gag gifts for both hunters and animal lovers. Taxidermy head mount that adds fun to the room. Made of durable vinyl with cartoon style realistic details. Hot selling novelty right now!
* 24.95 each
77YT43A Sweet Cheeks - Bleacher Tooshie Cushy Seat Cushion
Sweet Cheeks Tooshie Cushy Stadium/Bleacher Seat. Made of foam and is made to look like a butt that is wearing a red G-String/Thong with a tramp stamp tattoo of tribal art. This is a perfect gift to give someone who loves to watch outdoor sporting events in comfort with a awesome sense of humor.
* 19.95 each
DON56 The Gigantic Donut Pool Float Raft
It looks good enough to eat, and in fact, someone did take a bite out of this hilarious Donut shaped pool float. The Gigantic Donut Pool Float features a strawberry donut that's generously topped with colorful sprinkles. Funnprank gag joke novelty summer beach gift.
* 18.95 each
TH5444 Toilet Seat Bowl Inflatable Pool Float - Outdoor Beach Raft
"Toilet Bowl Seat" pool float. Measures 3 feet across! Everyone's biggest fear when swimming in a pool is pee in the pool. Now you can take that fear to a whole new level with this Toilet Bowl Pool Float! Sit and be mellow just don't make the pool yellow!
* 20.95 each

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